Jose Saramago

18 Jun

I was informed today that my favorite author, and a seemingly all-around genteel, intelligent, and humane man, Jose Saramago, died today. Though he was 87, he was, in my mind, and no doubt his, too young to leave this earth. The world will be robbed of his words of wisdom. However, one must not think like that. As we have decades of his words, we have articles, books, blogs and speeches. His words, to consider and weigh each and every one, would take a lifetime alone. We, this world, are lucky and fortunate to have had a Jose Saramago. Sure he had his faults, but there is nothing wrong with that. He believed in this idea called humanity. He worked toward a better future, not just in his work, but in his political actions, his associations, his foundation. I am in the midst of reading Saramago’s latest nonfiction book titled, “The Notebook”. It was written not even a full year ago, in fact, some of it was written last August. In the book he discusses his mortality. Jose Saramago had previously died and nine hours later they resuscitated him back to write many more blogs and another book or two. It appears that this time he won’t be resuscitated. Though I’ve read many Saramago books, and encourage everyone to read at least one, I have many more to go. Though he never knew of me, I knew of him, and his life, words and work, are more than enough to make me feel that all is not lost on our species or on me; we could use a few more Saramago’s in this world. Thanks for everything, Jose Saramago. Your blog, to which I translate almost every other day, your books, your strength and determination to face death, with your dear Pilar at your side, are ineffable to me. I look forward to the many more hours we will intellectually share. Rest in the peace you deserve.


One Response to “Jose Saramago”

  1. rach 19/06/2010 at 7:00 am #

    awwwww. i didn’t hear that. so sad.

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