On flirtatious signals

24 Jun

We all give them, whether consciously or not. Take tonight when I was walking into a store and a girl who saw me approaching, smiled and then tried holding the door open for me, she let it slip close on accident and upon trying to grab it open again said, “Oh, sorry!” I said, rather automatically, while smiling, “Oh, you’re fine.” I was trying to imply that it didn’t matter whether the door closed or not, but realized, after saying it, that perhaps it came out as more of a flirt. Did I subconsciously say that because I saw her checking me out, because I secretly like the attention? Who wouldn’t like that attention? That is one drawback for me in moving to a new city, and this has happened in the past, one becomes somewhat more addicted to interaction and affection. This is not surprising given the sudden drop in hanging out with friends, seeing and talking to family, and other various social activities. Otherwise known as being holed up in an apartment that seems foreign; and where the only course of decent communication happens via a telephone, one can seem to become a little lonely, or desperate. But I’m not talking sex or anything like that, so please don’t misconstrue that conception. Though in other parts of this apartment, there are two people who are enjoying the various body parts they have been endowed with.

Moving on, I’ve come to notice that conversations intended to spark some kind of interest between two strangers are definitely fictions of the cinema. Besides, all we seem focused on now is online dating. Why look for someone at a bookstore, or talk to the person next to you? You don’t even know someone is standing there next to you because you’re too distracted wondering if anyone has responded to your online profile.

This blog is titled, “On flirtatious signals,” and so I shall dive a bit more deeply into that area. Going back to the example above, I know I’m not the only one who gives off flirtatious signals or who makes subtle, tacit signals known (is that irony?). There are many of us who are sending signals, mixed or otherwise, that we are not intending to send, simply because we’re lonely and long for the attention of a compatible soul; and again, that doesn’t necessarily have to do with any kind of romantic bend. But what if it did? Or what if you are aware you send signals but do nothing more? Wouldn’t that be a form of torture for the other person involved? I quite think it would be.

It is here where I’ll stop this particular blog. I feel words are failing me and I’m losing the point, of which one I might never have had.


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