The status of the work

25 Jun

I’m drenched in philosophy at the moment. It has to do with the class I’m currently involved with – Educational Psychology – where I have to write a paper and give a presentation on “the benefits of philosophy in education.” That is no easy task because philosophy is something that has somewhat drifted out of the public discourse in education the past few decades, overtaken by the need for hard data in scientific models that include such recent programs as No Child Left Behind. I am struggling with the concept of what education means (philosophically) in our society and where its place should be in a democratic society. Some of these thoughts can be found in a previous blog about Plato and the soul.

But aside from philosophy at the moment, I have to say that my word is apparently no good. To the two possible readers of this blog, I had, when beginning this endeavor, promised to write a blog every day for a month. That has woefully not been fulfilled. I suppose, and this being a central issue in my life, that I should give full consideration before agreeing or jumping into something as arduous as coming up with a topic and then writing coherently (or at least somewhat) about it every day. It seems that between being sick after my return from Europe, and trying to move and get situated and settled in Missoula, and now being full immersed in a graduate course, I have not had the time necessary for the blog. In other words, the complete upheaval of life has gotten in my way of writing (per usual). But also! I must admit that I’ve been reading some of my second novel again, trying to get back into the groove of finishing the rough draft this summer. Or at least finish most of it. So in that respect, the blog comes second to the novel. Wish me luck with that. I may also be writing for a paper in Missoula, of which will keep me sufficiently involved in other stories as far as my writing is concerned. Of course I will not give up on the blog, and this is far from the last post. So to my handful of readers, I will talk to you again soon – but the blog-a-day marathon has, not surprisingly, at the moment anyway, been put on the backburner. Back to philosophy, but perhaps wondering this time why such a beautiful summer day has to be wasted from the inside of a classroom and behind a pile of books. Have a good weekend.


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