Poetry at The Q Review

5 Sep

The blog world – my blog world – has been quiet. For that I should apologize. It seems that when uprooting your life it takes a while to find a routine that feels comfortable. I am in Missoula taking four graduate classes and one undergraduate seminar class this semester. I have three books to read and three papers to write for next week, but I shall persevere. It’s hard to believe school is going already – with the first week done. Where did my summer go?

One of my goals for August was to submit some of my poetry to twelve journals. I am happy to report that I’ve submitted to four, which was more than I thought I’d make. I also have goals to submit to three more places soon. I’m never good at trying to push my writing for publication. Though I am happy to report that one of the four places I’ve submitted to last month has accepted two poems for publication. It’s a journal that has its roots in Chicago and it’s solely online. For those interested in reading my two poems, you can go here and click on the poetry link at the top – mine are about halfway down the page. I hope to have more publication news in the coming months. I’m also looking at writing for some newspapers in Missoula.

In the meantime, you can read about some hostile words coming from quasi Montana politicos at my friend Greg’s blog.

I promise to write more interesting blogs soon. Have a good Sunday, Monday, or whatever other day you find yourself reading this random assortment of words.


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