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Your friendly, daily PSA

18 Oct

I stumbled upon this hilarious sight coming out of the video store. I also watched as the group of teenage boys headed into the store. I thought of yelling to them that the door was left open – but that seemed somewhat sacrilegious to the moment.

Your friendly, daily PSA says: Drivers, don’t let your passengers leave their f*cking car doors open!


A Buddhist Dream

14 Oct

Hello, I am still alive – and I sincerely hope you are too! Sorry for the delay in posting, but this semester in grad school is kicking my ass. And I’m still trying to write. I am working on two fictional stories right now. Slowly. But still working.

So last night I had a dream; shall we dive into it?

We were a group of explorers, hunters and trappers for food. There were five or six of us. We swam down to the bottom of the ocean, not the middle, so it wasn’t terribly deep, where after some time adjusting, we could breathe without the use of oxygen tanks or the like. We didn’t even bring oxygen tanks. The only issue was, the longer we stayed down there, the more a dull headache grew at the center of our heads. Eventually, if we stayed down their long enough, we’d suffocated to death. So our ability to breathe underwater was not ideal for our busy jobs of trapping lobsters and crabs, etc. We had to take a break from our work – no matter how important, and catching food is important – and swim back to the surface – even the swimming up was not fun or easy, but it was necessary for our survival – and take in a deep breath of fresh air; at that moment, our head cleared and our lungs felt healthy and alive. Within a few minutes of resting and breathing, we were ready to work with more renewed vigor, some happiness and contentedness, and we could actually physically dive down for another length of time underwater.

Tell me this doesn’t have Buddhist principles embedded deep into its core? It’s just as important for everyone to do this – as often as possible – breathe. Take a breath; relax; count your breaths and tell yourself to smile. Even when you’re so pissed off you could punch someone – if you tell yourself to half-smile, it’s like a magic wand to calm you down. Did you know that you relax a number of facial muscles every time you smile? Try it if you don’t believe me: smile right now. Don’t force it or show any teeth – just a nice, natural smile; and feel your face breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve made it through this semester and its mountain of shit work through taking time to breathe. It also helps me fall asleep. Breathing, as we all know, connects our mind to our body. It also focuses our mind to better tackle the next task at hand.

So breathe!

Okay, enough of my Buddhist rant for today.

Interesting part of this dream for the psychoanalysis’s out there: every time I came up to breathe, from the bottom of the ocean, I’d wake up. This happened a few times throughout the course of this dream. I wonder what that means?