The New Census

16 Mar

Most of you will find this blog incredibly boring and will leave the page before you finish the following paragraphs. However, it’s my blog and I’ve always been interested in things like the census. I think it’s an invaluable way to understand the places we call home, and the directions our cities are heading. So, wait for it… here is my MT census blog! Hooray!

Butte city, as of 2010, has a population of 33,525 people, a decrease of about 1% (367 people) from the 2000 census. Though it constitutes a rise from the 1990 census by about 200 people. What does this all mean? That Butte has largely held steady for the past 20 years. Butte is the 5th largest city by population in the state.

What’s number one? It’s still Billings, which saw a large growth over the past 10 years to over 104,100 people (up from 89,800 (rounded down to the hundreds place) in 2000).

Missoula is the second largest city in the state with 66,700 (rounded down to the hundreds place). Missoula gained nearly 10,000 new residents over the past ten years – a 17% increase. However, Missoula County grew even more to over 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, the state trend is continuing as eastern Montana continues to lose population while western Montana is seeing growth. Kalispell had the highest percentage of population increase over the past 10 years (40%) while Billings had the largest increase of people (14,300). Great Falls is the third largest city while Bozeman is the fourth.

For more questions – ask. And you’re welcome. 😛


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