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Letter to Rep. Rehberg

25 Apr

April 25, 2011

Dear Rep. Rehberg:

Let us not be hypocritical. If Republicans are honestly for reducing the deficit (something I do agree with, if done intelligently.  For example, does American need 800 military bases around the world? Obvious answer: No.) then continuing to use tax-payer dollars to fight DOMA in court is hypocritical. Let’s be clear: our individual opinions on whether all Americans should be allowed marriage is not the issue. The true question is whether, in the face of the U.S. Attorney General’s recent decision, is DOMA legally defensible in court? Or is it an ideological fight that will continue to unnecessarily waste taxpayer funds?

In any case, the courts, as we both know, will look at two things:

1)   Precedent rulings on the matter: No court has ever ruled that marriage is not a right of every American adult. In other words, the court has ruled sixteen times that marriage is every American adult’s right.

2)   The U.S. Constitution: the document has no guidelines on who can and cannot marry.

Knowing this, what can any defense of DOMA actually hope to accomplish? It is a losing battle. The prestigious law firm of King and Spalding knows this – which is one reason they decided to no longer agree to represent DOMA.

In order for the courts to rule in favor of DOMA, the lawyers would have to prove that harm is being done to others by letting every American adult marry (including the gay ones).  This would be highly improbable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

So why, in 2011, are we still pushing discrimination? Did we learn nothing from our own pockmarked history? If you are truly a member of the Tea Party, and if the Tea Party is truly for cutting taxes, then you would be the first to renounce the House’s action and reveal the hypocrisy of letting the House continue to defend the indefensible with taxpayer dollars.

Please do something positive for hardworking Montanans and stop the ridiculous spending on fighting DOMA. Though maybe, in the end, a Supreme Court ruling is truly needed to stop DOMA once and for all?  One thing is certain: if you do nothing, you have no right whatsoever, sir, to ever proclaim you are against wasteful spending.


Justin Olson