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10 Nov

I am partaking in my own personal NaNoWriMo. It consists of me “pretending.” I am of course writing with many, many other people who are creating billions of words – each one making me feel my book matters a little less. But I persevere, because I am mostly writing this story for me. This story won’t let me go. I’m not saying it’s a book that will change the world – it won’t. I mean, the soundtrack for it is pretty much Billboard’s Top 100. THAT’S how little this book really will make a difference in the world. If it’s published – and let’s assume, for my sanity only, that it will be – the book will make people laugh, will transport them to another world (in this world – no fantasy BS here), and will maybe help them become a touch more aware and sympathetic of pathetic people everywhere. So those are good. I guess. But really, I don’t even want to make those promises. If the book is published then it will be up to others to decide how the book matters to them.

I am using NaNoWriMo to push me into figuring out this story – which has been a mental block for a few years. That feels good, the small breakthroughs, the ability to start seeing something take form where there was only a clogged idea. But this book is a MESS. More than most of my other first drafts.

For instance (a small list):

  • I can’t keep a consistent tense – past and present everywhere! When does this book take place?!?
  • I can’t keep a consistent narrative POV – switching between omniscient and 3rd person limited. Narrator: “I can see you. Ohp. Now I can’t.”
  • My style and tone are not consistent between what I wrote two years ago and what I’m writing now. And I believe I prefer the older stuff more.
  • Finally, I get the feeling that everything I’m writing will end up being deleted. That it’s not right. But I can’t obviously know until I finish the rough draft. And that’s what I’m doing. Finishing the rough draft. Because that’s what this is all about. Finishing. Write now, cry later.

Despite it all, I am glad I’m doing this. Good luck my fellow November writing friends.