Summer Living List

13 Jun

This summer I want to…

Run. Eat. Drink. Eat more. Lift weights. Write. Write more. Talk with friends. Ride my bike. Ride the subway. Talk to strangers. Read. Read maps. Read plays. Make art. Publish my writing. Celebrate. Have a party. Write a thank-you note to someone. Spend time with my family. Run down a street. Run down a street in the rain. See a movie. Go on a picnic. Drink coffee in tiny cafes. Go swimming. Tell people my story. Listen to other people’s stories. Volunteer. Help people. Travel. Travel with T. Eat thai in a foreign city. Submit kick-ass short film to film festivals. Walk through an airport in the morning. Walk through an airport in the evening. Love. Dance. Sing. Smile. Laugh. Hold. Hug. Jog. Watch a TV series. Camp. Stare at the stars. Watch a sunrise. Watch a river flow by.

Come up with more verbs. Enjoy them.

Live. Life for real.

Live life.


*Adapted from It’s Kind of  A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini


One Response to “Summer Living List”

  1. J.H. Trumble 15/06/2014 at 6:19 am #

    Love that book! Love your post! It’s gonna be a GREAT summer! LIVE IT!

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