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A speech to the country* (or, myself)

9 Nov
There are so many reasons to feel mad, sad, hopeless, frustrated, scared – and I feel all of those too. But we must look at the positives of what feels like an never-ending nightmare. Let us not forget that there will be an election in 2 years in which we can wrest away Republican control of power from the Senate and House, which will put a better system of checks and balances on Trump. So those in battleground or red states, begin looking for strong Democratic candidates to run. I refuse to believe our country is as red as it shows on the election map.
In the city of LA, we approved an amazing mass-transit plan (OMG YES!) and the homeless initiative, to build housing. The state of CA banned single-use plastic bags, making our environment a little more green, among many other great progressive policy issues.
Finally, for most of my friends, who share similar ideals and values (which were tragically missing from one of the candidates of last night’s presidential election), remember this: we still have Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both will be fighting their asses off in the Senate, and we must help them fight against whatever threatens progressive issues. Or against scientific fact. We must be the crowd that stands up peacefully to demand that our great way of life not be threatened for one minute. And we can do that. No matter who is President, we still live in a Democracy. And if anything, last night showed us that ANYONE can be President (even if that’s the worst of us). But this is a government for the people, by the people and the people voted.
So if anything, we must all reach out and find out why the anger, why the hatred, and how we can work together for the betterment of everyone. How we can bridge some of the gaps – because I know that we aren’t as racist or sexist as the media or some of us believe. I know there were other reasons for voting Trump – one simply being for NOT Clinton.
Further, this election might help us all stand back and reflect. Reflect on the work that has happened over 8 years under Obama. Reflect on the greatness of this great country. But to also look at the problems in the system. Democrats, we need to level the playing field. To those running the DNC: You cannot work from the top-down and expect a bottom-up result. To me, that sums up the Democrat vs. Republican “strategies.” The Democrats curated a candidate from the top. The Republicans were shocked and taken unaware by a candidate from the bottom. One rose. The other fell. If the Democrats can no longer be the voice of the working-class and stand up to big moneyed interests, then we must start a new party and now is the time. Seriously. Now is the time. Right after a devastating election. Now is the time to begin rebuilding, when things aren’t that great. When there’s a feeling of more work to be done.
Finally, if I could say one thing to all of America, it would be this: please read books. Turn off the screen and pick up a book now and then.
Let’s work our asses off. And I’ll see you at the midterms in 2018.