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The troubled march skies are finally here: Part 3 (& final)

31 Mar

[The final installment of my cultural diary.]

March 12, 2011


Woke up to sun. And a fly. I’m convinced a miracle took place in my room over winter. Here’s the story. I noticed in November a fly hanging on the window screen. It was inside the house, but cased between glass and mesh. It hung there, not moving all winter. I was more than convinced the fly was dead. Here’s the miracle: this morning while I opened the window again (see cleansing above), I saw the fly was gone. That would’ve been miracle enough, a fly just disappearing like that. Then I realized well, if dead it could’ve decomposed, fly probably turned into dust. I mean, it is that season of lent and the disappearing of bodies in caves. However, a more miraculous thing happened: the fly was alive and buzzing around my window, trying to get out! I wanted to know what role I played in this miracle. Do I have an aura of heeling powers? Of course, I’m presumptive enough, as human, to believe the fly’s miracle had something to do with me. Finally, believing that there is hope for miracles in this world – and not religious miracles, but life miracles – I ran out to my roommate to tell the redeeming story. He relayed to me that flies hibernate over winter. More than that, their eggs can only hatch in temperatures between 75 and 95.  Wait? So a fly exposed to the entire winter conditions (cold, snow, wind) didn’t die but was only hibernating? That seemed too easy, but if science has taught me anything it’s that it knows best (even when it doesn’t) – even over human intuition.

Regardless of how it happened, even from hibernation, it is a kind of miracle isn’t it?

The fly is still in my window – desperately buzzing to get out. I’m worried that if he gets out he’ll die out there. That’s a funny thought, isn’t it?  My mind has gone into overdrive because I now believe that if the fly doesn’t get out and eat something within two or three hours it’ll starve to death. But I’m not sure I’m strong enough to assist him into a cup and out my door. Maybe even flies don’t deserve to live in such a cruel time. And it still just might die out there, and that seems wrong to a fly that has magical powers.

I am happy to repeat anything in these days that has come off as confusing. Though I don’t promise that the additional telling will be any more clarifying.

After the earthquake I’m reading reports about Japan’s nuclear reactors going out. Or rising. Or doing things they shouldn’t be doing. At one place there was an explosion. Why do the Japanese have such trouble with nuclear problems? It is, after all, the only country to have nuclear weapons used on it. Now this? Could it be all this industrialization isn’t actually beneficial in the long run? We’ve lost our roots and our technology will kill us all? As far as I know, humans can’t hibernate. Well, not counting people like Walt Disney.

I can’t help but watch clips of the tsunami reaching land. But first I have to wait out the ads. Even in the face of destruction we have ads.


I’m returning the calendar to the local national book chain and see a book titled: The Rational Optimist. I can’t buy it because it’s too positive a view under these troubled skies.



March 13, 2011

The Day:

“By preventing people from entering the capitol building Thursday morning, the police also denied entry to legislators, including at least two Democratic Assembly members — David Cullen and Elizabeth Coggs.

Mr. Cullen was turned away even after displaying his Assembly identification.

Asked why the officers did not allow him inside, Mr. Cullen said: ‘I don’t know. And they won’t answer why.’ Later, Mr. Cullen and Ms. Coggs could be seen climbing into the building through a first-floor window.”

Is this American Democracy? Is this what we’ve come to?

Someone told me this is all the start of a new civil war in America.

But someone said using the word ‘war’ was hypocritical.

Yet we’re fighting wars because we like wars. Everyone in power likes a good old war. And who’s gonna win against the middle class? And what happened to the Japanese? Are why are there suddenly so many flies in my window? It’s not that warm yet.

The march skies are too much. I have to hold out for April.