Secret Bunnies*


I look for something to hold on to.

Will you come around?

I’m waiting.

I’ll look for something else

to hold on to.

(mostly ripped by one of the best bands in the world)



Thoughts on Things: 1

No matter how busy you are, do not miss telling your mom happy birthday.

It’s always best to not run a marathon in the rain.

When writing a novel, don’t get distracted by the Internet.

Keurig coffee is more expensive per cup than a regular coffee pot. The little cups are also made of proprietary plastic so it’s non-recyclable.

It’s okay to say No.

It’s okay to read all day.

Sometimes you surprise yourself, and that’s a funny thought because don’t you know yourself? I mean, you’ve lived with yourself ever since you were born. You should know yourself. But you really don’t. That’s the more interesting thought: you don’t know everything about yourself. Hell, you probably don’t know have of yourself.



A series of “May I Be Frank?” lines

  • Words are the most powerful drugs to humanity – Rudyard Kipling
  • It’s the cracks that let the night in – Leonard Cohen
  • If you’re upset, don’t eat – anonymous
  • The subconscious doesn’t speak English, Latin, or even mime. It speaks in images, visualizations. That is the language of the subconscious.
  • Good foods to eat: Green veggies, aloe vera, seaweeds, chia seeds, parsley (cleanses blood), cilantro, beets, kale.
  • Say this to yourself right now, and every day: “I accept myself unconditionally right now.” Say it in a mirror if you can. Smile.



One of my random nights two years ago: I’m at the bar and a guy walks up and hands me a cigarette. I’m like, ‘Thanks, but I don’t smoke.’ He walks away mumbling something. I play with the cigarette and put it in my pocket. After a few hours in the bar, I am walking to my car and a transient asks, ‘Hey, you don’t have an extra cig do you?’ My face lights up. I’m like, ‘As a matter of fact, for the first time in my life, I do.’


[I like to post and write in times past.]

I still remember the clouds so vividly. After all these years, seven total, though almost eight, the mental picture of that sunset has yet to disappear. I’m not sure it ever will. It was the day I said goodbye to someone but I felt like the one leaving this earth.


It is 10:28 am.

Found these scribbles on a piece of paper I am going to throw away.

“sunsets. we are a part of them – not byproducts. unlike god making us.”

“the concept of time is a burden on the hands of all men.”

“it all gets done.”


The temperature is 63. It is 10:22 am on a Sunday. I am listening to Foals. iPod is on random.

I am re-arranging my room. Kind of an impromptu thing. Tired of the same space arrangement. Cleaning shit. Have a question: when you lose one sock, is it preferable to keep the other in case the first is found? Or just throw it away? What happens when you have a pile of ever-growing single socks? What does this say about me? Is it a metaphor for my life? But seriously, what should I do with my pile of single socks?


I just felt this big blast of air and got


and thought, who is here? in my apt.

when I should be the only one here.

and then I noticed it was my fan.

and I was like: I thought I turned that off

and then realized I didn’t.

but now that I know it’s on,

it feels good.

so now I can get back to work.

which is just goofing around.


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